Feeling Worn-Out Is

No Longer Okay 

Many high achieving women in midlife struggle with changes in health.

As a functional medicine physician, I help women  overcome this changing state with a customized plan to feel vibrant productive self again.  


It is not normal to feel drained at any age.

Midlife has many struggles - older children, empty nest, career goals, relationships with loved ones - being worn out makes these challenges feel harder than they have to be. 


You deserve a personalized health and healing plan. 

 Feel energetic, sharp, and focused. 

Your mojo - your zest for life - is back. 

Sleep is deep and refreshing.


With over 25 yeas of Primary Care practice, the last several years seeing health through the lens of Functional Medicine, as well as my own midlife struggles, I know how frustrating and difficult it is to feel and be your best .


At this stage of life, I know you want to feel energetic, vibrant, and continue to be that top performer.

To do that, you need a solution to this changing state of midlife and how it is affecting you. 

The problem is how you have managed it in the past, and the experts you have consulted have failed you, which makes you feel frustrated and probably a bit hopeless.

I understand how hard it is to find your way through the overwhelm and confusion of what to do - which is why I use Functional Medicine where we resolve the root cause of imbalances, not just the symptoms - to find the right remedy for your challenges.


Discover The Power of Root Cause Resolution of Functional Medicine

Looking beyond symptoms, resolving the "why" behind them, offers true health and healing.

Functional Medicine wants to know what is behind what you are experiencing. It wants to know the "why" behind the symptoms and puts it into a framework of clinical imbalances reflecting the body's biological systems.

 It looks for the "why" behind how you feel and seeks answers in a whole person, holistic way. The many connections and approaches to wellness are examined and honored. The body, mind, and spirit are essential but also key to wellness a person's community, their sense of purpose. Functional Medicine, I believe, will soon be the lens we use to approach a person's health and wellbeing. 

 Conventional medicine operates at its best in acute care: accidents, heart attacks, strokes, infections. And does it very effectively. However, most people have chronic issues such as heartburn, constipation, thyroid, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and allergies. Or, they just are not feeling their best and don't indeed have a "diagnosis" of a condition: they're tired, not sleeping well, more irritable than usual, they crave or eat regularly processed foods, or they just have much energy to do the things they want.

 Conventional medicine approaches sickness as a set of symptoms that get put in buckets, each bucket labeled a disease or condition. Typically, we manage these diseases and conditions by finding a drug that minimizes the symptoms, so you feel better. However, usually, no plan is made to "end" their use, and disappointingly, the side effects can be just as harmful as the condition it is supposed to improve.

5 Principles of Functional Medicine

  1. Treat the individual, not the disease. Every one of us is unique with our biochemistry, genetics, and environment.
  2. Functional Medicine is based on science and believes we are inherently a complex, interrelated system of connections and are more than the boundary of nerves, muscles, and organs.
  3. Our body can self-regulate and dynamically balance itself. Functional Medicine supports and focuses interventions at this level rather than just address the symptoms of the disease.
  4. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself and to prevent disease.
  5. Health is not defined by a lack of disease but by living life to the fullest, fully optimized.

Start Being and Living Your Best 


An in-depth questionnaire and laboratory testing provides important insight to your current level of health and to prioritized interventions. 

Determine The Plan 

Based on the findings, the next step is determining the best plan that will get you to feeling and being your best.  

Mentoring & Coaching

To resolve the underlying cause, rather than just get rid of it - have true lifelong resolution - it takes someone to come along your side, a guide to  help you d something different so that you achieve success.  


What Others Are Saying

The time you spent with me ... was invaluable! Your patience, understanding, and outstanding encouragement were just what I needed... 

Paige Hamernick - lives the power of "aging well" 


Love that fact she is medical doctor and takes the time to listen to me as a whole being and not just on prescriptive basis.

Vicki Balk - wife, mom of two teenagers

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