Has Feeling Worn-Out Become Your New Normal?  


Have you lost your energy and focus?


Are you enduring forgetfulness and brain fog? 

Are putting up with feeling more irritable and snappish lately?

Are you suffering sleeplessness and are tired of waking up tired?

Do you feel like your hormones are reeking a bit of havoc in you life? 


This Is Not How We Are Designed.


Midlife means that life has happened. 

Where do you start?  

Another diet, book, the latest hack?

Too overwhemed and frustrated to want to start? 


Any old paint won't work. Repair, sand, and then paint designed for decks.
Then, years of enjoyment. 


Let's start rehabbing your health.


You deserve a personalized health and healing plan. 

 Feel energetic, sharp, and focused. 

Your mojo and zest for life is back full force.  


You are not alone if feeling this way. Midlife creates hormonal ups and downs, triggering metabolic changes as well as mood changes. 

  • changing levels of estrogen & progesterone can affect your brains ability to function
  • hormonal changes can start as early as mid-40s and can show up as PMS, acne, moodiness, and food cravings
  • lower estrogen and progesterone levels disrupt the quality of sleep and the body makes lower levels of melatonin as women age

Stress and neglect can undermine our health showing up as inflammation, gut issues and disturbances in the functions of thyroid, cortisol, and insulin, and the mood chemicals of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. All of it can make you feel drained and worn out.

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With over 25 yeas of Primary Care practice, the last several years seeing health through the lens of Functional Medicine, as well as my own midlife struggles, I know how frustrating and difficult it is to feel and be your best .


Start Being and Living Your Best 


An in-depth questionnaire and laboratory testing provides important insight to your current level of health and to prioritized interventions. 

Determine The Plan 

Based on the findings, the next step is determining the best plan that will get you to feeling and being your best.  

Mentoring & Coaching

To resolve the underlying cause, rather than just get rid of it - have true lifelong resolution - it takes someone to come along your side, a guide to  help you d something different so that you achieve success.  


Discover The Power of Root Cause Resolution of Functional Medicine

Looking beyond symptoms, resolving the "why" behind them, offers true health and healing.

What Others Are Saying

The time you spent with me ... was invaluable! Your patience, understanding, and outstanding encouragement were just what I needed... 

Paige Hamernick - lives the power of "aging well" 


Love that fact she is medical doctor and takes the time to listen to me as a whole being and not just on prescriptive basis.

Vicki Balk - wife, mom of two teenagers

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