Terri Peña MD MBA IFMCP 

Healing is about relationships.


Terri Peña MD MBA IFMCP is a board certified Family Medicine physician with over 24 years of clinical experience. Graduating medical school from the University of California, Davis and residency from the University of California, San Francisco at Fresno, she has continued her professional development with an MBA in medical administration from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. She has also completed a master's level health coaching certificate from the University of Minnesota's Center of Spirituality and Healing.  

Dr. Terri has become one of a handful of physicians in the state of Minnesota who are also certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine, the premier educational and certifying body for functional medicine. Dr. Terri greatly enjoys her personal private practice as well her practice working along side two Naturopaths. 

A Minnesota since 2000, Terri was born, raised, and trained in California. Before moving to the Twin Cities are, where she now lives with her husband and their Australian Cattle dog - Gabby, Terri spent four years in Abilene, Texas, where she served in the Air Force. Dr. Terri, her husband, and Gabby are like the three musketeers and look forward to their annual trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.


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